Wife cheated on me

So … what happened?

If you love this woman, and if you really want to try to improve things, you need to break the cycle. As Seneca put it with regard to friendship, and as it applies just as much indeed, even more within a relationship:. On True and False Friendship, 2.

Indeed, my first marriage ended because my wife betrayed me with my alleged best friend at the time. But not all betrayals are created equal, and neither are all couple dynamics. Your wife may be genuinely dissatisfied with her present life — perhaps along the lines you yourself have sketched near the end of your letter. Perhaps she is right that for some people, maybe including her, a lifelong commitment to the same person is untenable and leads to misery for all involved. The Stoics were nothing if pragmatic, and one of their main tenets was the necessity to willingly accept how reality is, instead of clinging to wishful thinking:.

Now, it is not, at the moment, inevitable that your relationship will end. Much is still under your control: you can try a fresh start with your wife, beginning by admitting your own limitations, your insecurities and somewhat unethical behavior; you can suggest couple therapy; and you can do your best without trying to generate guilt!

How did this start?

This may or may not work. As Cicero would put it, to keep your marriage working is to be chosen, but not to be desired — meaning that you should try your best, but that you should also be ready to move on if the attempt turns out to be futile. Best luck to you and your wife, and especially your kids. Well Lady Fortuna has given me a timely topic to try to unpack and sort out.

I am thankful.

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Unfortunately, it involves far more than kissing and has been going on for months. I have tried to use Stoicism to attack this crisis on many levels. I coulda, woulda, shoulda done something different years ago instead of spending our savings on what now can be considered a lost cause. The fact that I did not try hard enough to rescue our poisoned marriage also weighs on me heavily. My wife loves another man now.

My Wife Cheated On Me, What Now?

Let that sink in. Obviously, divorce is an option for me, but there are kids in involved. As a child of divorced parents I do not want that reality for my kids. It will clearly exacerbate the money issues. I would not wish anxiety on anyone and mine right now is really through the roof. I reach into the arsenal of stoic wisdom daily hourly? Massimo, thank you for all you do for Stoicism.. Your writings are deep and drenched with wisdom. I have bought your book and look forward to reading it. These tips will help you take practical steps to cope with it. There are many reasons for affairs and they happen in happy relationships as well as those where there have been problems.

Dealing with the aftermath of an affair can feel very isolating and painful - here's how we can support you:. You are here Home Relationship help Help with relationships Affairs I've found out my partner is having an affair, what should I do? I've found out my partner is having an affair, what should I do?

Wife Admits To Her Husband That She Cheated 47 Times On Him.

Give yourself some time. Finding out such shocking news can leave you feeling angry and hurt.

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Seek support from trusted friends, family members or talk to trained relationship counsellor in a free Live Chat. Talk to your partner. Although bringing the affair up with your partner may feel painful, it's important you can ask questions so you can assess exactly what has happened. While your children may not listen to what you say, they will definitely model what you do. If you are sacrificing your happiness for the sake of your children, you're doing everyone in the family a disservice.

My Mom stayed in an unhappy marriage with my Dad for years. Guess what?

She was depressed for years and my siblings and I felt the brunt of it. She gave up her happiness and essentially, her life, for us. I never wanted that for her. I would have rather my parents split up instead of being miserable together. Only the person who asked me this question knows what the best decision is.

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However, I hope I have offered some helpful insights on how best to move forward. I believe that love is worth fighting for, but not if you're the only one fighting. At the end of the day, true love is a choice. Healthy relationships that stand the test of time take effort and commitment on the part of both individuals. Conflicts are unavoidable in any relationship. However, if you and your partner practice open and honest communication, I believe that there isn't anything that you can't get through.

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