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If emojis from a third party keyboard are used these could turn your SMS into MMS which may be chargeable depending on network. You can express yourself in fun and creative ways with My Emoji.

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Create an emoji that looks just like you! The Live Message feature allows you to use the S Pen to create a short animated message. The feature is supported by most major instant messaging apps including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line and more.

Turn your cell phone into a spy gadget.

Click here to view the Samsung Smart Simulator : an interactive guide for everything from inserting your SIM card, to maximising battery life to using the S Pen. On some operating systems, a radio wave icon will be displayed. This will allow you record a voice message but it will be sent as an MMS, which may incur a charge from your network provider.

Before you can send a message using Bixby you will need to make sure that the Bixby Key and Bixby Voice has been enabled. Smartphone support 24 hours, 7 days a week All product support 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week SmartThings 9am - pm, Mon - Fri. Smartphone support 24 hours, 7 days a week All product support 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week. For new and existing orders: 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week Samsung Shop support closed on 20th October Calls to numbers cost no more than calls to geographic numbers 01 or Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages.

Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only. Calls maybe recorded for training and quality purposes. For information on how we collect and use your details, please refer to our Privacy policy. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. How do I use text messages on my device?


To create and send a text message, you will need to:. If you do not see this screen, skip to step 6. If you do not see this screen, skip to step 7. Depending on your device, you may need to tap Done before proceeding. If you are experiencing problems sending an MMS, please contact your network provider.

Deleting a message Click to Expand To delete a text message, you will need to:. Forwarding a message Click to Expand The below steps will show you how to use the inbuilt forwarding option on your device. If you do not see this screen, skip to step 8.

How To Read Someones Text Messages Without Having Their Phone

Blocking ordinary messages Click to Expand To block text messages, you will need to:. To check your text message spam folder, you will need to:. Delay sending a text message Click to Expand To delay sending a text message, you will need to:. Some devices may need to choose Settings before choosing Schedule message or Delay message sending. Set up message notifications Click to Expand Your message notifications will be set to default. Set up repeat notifications for a message Click to Expand You can set your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to send repeat notifications until you read your text or message.

If you do not see this screen, skip to step 5. Some devices may need to tap Vision before choosing Notification reminder. I want to keep everything — the person who sent, the mesage sent, and the date it was sent. What is the best way to capture all this off my cell phone. I have a very old phone LG and my husband told me it was time to move into the future, but I really want to keep my precious text messages. Try taking your phone to one of the big electronics stores. They should be able to remove your memory card, on which the texts are contained, and set you up with a card reader that will display your texts.

From there you can save them onto a backup drive. My smartphone is telling me that messaging has stopped working??? I suspect it is because there is no room to save them??? How can I either changer it so that instant messages are saved to an sd card rather than my SIM card?? Or must I just delete all old texts?? You should contact the manufacturer of your phone about why your messaging has stopped working.

I heard that to get texts off an old phone, one could use blue tooth technology to transfer them. Also it was suggested to use this to get my photos transferred.

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How would this work and what would I need? At the Library of Congress, we cannot recommend commercial products but if you search online you can find apps that enable you to transfer photos off your phone to the computer via Bluetooth. The Text messages are still showing on the phone even without the SD card in it.

Somehow I was able to download them 2yrs ago with libXL trial version.

How to Spy on Text Messages

Do you know of a present program that could extract the text message from my phone or move them to its SD card? Does best buy have a machine to do it. Verizon no longer has the machine that used to extract such messages. The phone is no longer active with a plan. Staff at the Library of Congress cannot recommend or endorse specific commercial products or companies.

It seems that you and your husband did the correct things to get your photos and contact list. Try contacting the manufacturer. Good luck.

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  5. His phone is still sending out text messages to her own cell phone, even though she has his now dead cell phone in a drawer unused. She is very upset. Why is the dead cell phone doing this? My son passed away a few months ago.. I bought a Samsung but too scared to move forward..

    Thank you. You should be able to hook your phone up to your computer and transfer audio and photo files to it. I have messages on my IPhone5 that I would like to copy before I delete them.

    Read Someone's Text Messages Without Them Knowing

    Can I copy and put them in a location on my phone. Hope someone can tell me. It would be best if you copied them off your phone and onto your computer or online somewhere, in case anything ever happens to your phone. Mike really all I wanted to know is can I forward a regular text message that I myself sent to a friend when I should have sent same text to 2 friends?

    It would be easier than re-typing it.. Seems that I should be able to forward it. Thanks for your time and your service to our country. I have a Samsung Intensity 3 with some screen issues. My main priority is to get a copy of the notes I made in the Notepad function of this device. I realize you cannot give the name of any program for me to do this myself, but would like to know if a consumer electronics store would be able to help me. The Intensity 3 does not have a SIM card, so a card reader is out.

    I am not familiar with that phone. Your best chance is to call the different consumer electronics stores and ask their staff. Or call Samsung customer service. I upgraded to a new phone. My sims card is in my new phone. Can you get deleted text off of my old phone? I lost my old phone and was worried someone could retrieve my old text even though I deleted them on a regular basic when I was using that phone. I have a Galaxy S5 Active. I erased some text message that I really need.

    Is there any way to get them back? Hi, I need to recover text messages from this phone Samsung j1 since the day we bought it…. Unfortunately it is from several numbers….. Thank you for any help!

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