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Hi I have 2 questions: 1. To enable DST follow this steps: 1. This SMS command should immediately take current position of the target phone and upload it to your account. Hi Jeff, I m planning to buy highster mobile for first time. I m in India n do you want me to root the target phone before installing highster mobile, I need Bluetooth scanner also. If you could help n clear this I can buy immediately Thank you. If the target phone have internet connection you will be able to track him. If the target phone is Android then yes it require root before installation for the social network tracking features.

The bloothod scanner can be found on the internet. However the information on the control centre seems to be the same every time I log in and I know for sure that the target phone is receiving calls. Why is this? How have I to send these code? I get on the target phone the information about a new text message. Think it should come nothing information.

Also, I get no photo into the control center. What is wrong? How do you mean you get messages on the target phone? Informations are upload on online account. Check does you have enabled photo tracking option on your control panel. I tried submitting several tickets and Ive sent highster mobile techsupport several emails but cant get anyone to respond to me.

I have also read all the comments here and yes, I must admit it does worry me a bit with the problems and the comments on the help desk support. Is this correct? Listening to surroundings, all i want to know is that do we have to do anything on the TARGET phone during installation?

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You enter just number as you can see here under the Also note that target phone needs to be rooted. Hi Jeff, I installed the software on the phone. The gps works, the sms log works every thing seems to work except call recording? Phone is a Motorola android mini Verizon carrier. Are detailed instructions available for a dummy like Me? Also did you root the phone? I seem to have run into a problem, as im trying to install the app on the targets phone it downloads like its supposed to but then when I click on the tab to open it says that it cannot open file.

Ive tried three times and the same thing keeps happening. Whats wrong? Same exact problem here. Target phone is an att samsung note 3 na running on kitkat 4. Downloads fine, then when trying to open the completed downloaded. Security settings are as recommended in tutorial. I think most people will agree, the time spent on the target phone is limited without drawing suspicion…. Which browser do you use to open it?

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Try to open with some other cell phone browser. I think this will reslove the problem. Aprenda num tutorial ou procure um desses moleques que fazem por 50 paus, na internet. Esse tipo de software tem bem mais recursos em android do que iphone. Help please, I have been trying to get help and no one replies. The target phone went back out west and I have got nothing new since. Any ideas as to what happened. The problem is somewhere other. Is there option that target person did factory reset or is the place where person went somewhere without internet connection?

No you have to install the app on the target phone not your phone. Also if you install it on your phone then you use license key and one license key comes for one phone. Hi Jeff, Would both of the phones need to be jailbroken?

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The only option I have is to install the program through the bluetooth. Target phone is iPhone 4s I have an iPhone 5 thanks.

If you want to install Highster Mobile or any other spy software on the iPhones you will need to jailbreak it first so you can download app from source that is not app store. Note you need to jailbreak target iPhone.

First Steps. Installation Process.

However one spy software provide way to track only iPhones without instaling the app on it and it is mSpy. The mSpy designers has achieved that through online control panel and all you need to do is to input the required.. So note this will work if you know target Apple id and Password. Ihope I dont have to install it again im not sure if I can get target phone again or maybe htc isnot android did I install under right instructions android??? Did you root target HTC?

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I have been using the software for a while and there is no option to download the logs. But you can go around this by using chrome browser. Just select the chat setting or anything and then choose print and then selection. Use a pdf printer and you will have a copy of the log you want.. Usually when u make selection on browser, scroll till the end of the file and make sure all is selected before you hit print.

Could you tell me if I text the camera code to the target phone for the snapshots, Does the target phone show the code via text or is the text blank? To Make a Regular Call you will need erase it from control panel list. How to enter the number? It is not working jeff, i have entered no. Hello,i just install the apk to the target phone note2 , and tested it with photos,text messages,phone call and viber between my phone and the target phone. The problem is that nothing new has appeared in my control panel.

Its has only the calls and text messages before my apk instalation. I had it online for some minutes but also nothing new appeared. Did you root target phone? Nobody say that it is necessary for the Android devices to root it in order to all spy features work. Note that this is necessary for all spy softwares not only the Highster Mobile. You will get all text messages after installation is completed and it will be uploaded to your online account and there you will be able to see it.

If the target person delete some SMS or call or other logs it will be still visible to you on the Control panel. In order to get activities uploaded to your account the target phone will need to be online. Dear sir, I purchased the application and installed it. But in the initial phase I entered the license key and put another mobile number instead of the mobile number of the phone being tracked.

What are the implications of the above, and will the tracking be affected?

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