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6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

A man who's engaging in infidelity may suddenly add a lock passcode to his phone and keep it firmly in his possession. This paranoia is a sure sign that he's hiding something on his phone. Car changes. If there's unaccounted mileage, receipts or belongings in a man's car, he could be cheating and keeping the evidence out of the house.

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Another red flag: a passenger seat moved to a different position. Because the ways that men and women cheat differ, guys often miss some of the signs of infidelity in their wives, fiances and girlfriends. Gomez says that when it comes to women, the ways they cover up cheating include:.

Doctors share: Cheating Spouse Giving Birth To Another Man's Baby (Medical Stories r/AskReddit)

Extra time with "girlfriends. A common sign that Gomez sees of cheating in women is when they suddenly spend a lot of extra time with girlfriends -- or at least say that they are. Increase in exercise. While men tend to focus on overall appearance, women are pretty gym-centric when it comes to cheating.

The consequences of cheating for revenge and retaliation

It could be a meet-up place for a new love interest or could simply reflect the woman's desire to look her best for her new suitor. New email accounts. Women work harder than men to cover their cheating tracks. Instead of simply hiding or deleting emails, women are more likely to create an entirely new account for email communications with a significant other and then not share that address with anyone else.

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Girls nights out. Of course not every woman that goes out on the town with her girlfriends is prowling for men, but if these outings happen often -- and suddenly increase -- cheating could be the reason. If you suspect your partner of cheating, Gomez says it's best to collect the proof before any confrontation.

And you may cause him or her to be even more cautious about their cheating," he warns.

More Sex! When Guys Say No to Sex. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Red Flags that HE is Cheating.

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More from GalTime :. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Canada U. She may get a secret email account, post a profile at LonelyCheatingWives. Why does she do it? In one unscientific yet telling poll at WomanSavers. The uptick in these numbers over time is due to one primary, and simple, reason: Women today have the same opportunities to cheat as guys have always had, says Dr.

Not only do working women have the chance to mix and mingle with would-be lovers in and out of the office, but the Internet is filled with chat rooms and sites like AshleyMadison. We asked relationship experts to explain what inclines one woman in a relationship to drop trou while another keeps her knickers on. Nancy hears from women is that they feel taken for granted.

You and your husband discuss what the kids did in school and which bills need to be paid, when the car needs an oil change and whether you should paint the house. When a woman feels like little more than a household drudge, attention from someone else becomes extremely seductive.

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Eager-To-Fill-the-Proverbial Void — very differently. Your guy wants to shoot pool with his buddies or watch football during his free time. When you start doing things separately, your odds of connecting with others who share your interests increase. Soon you may suspect you have more in common with the guy you keep spotting at the Saturday revival showings of The English Patient than with your hubby.

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